The Work

Where life is not lived in compartments. Where the world is not made of us and other but of unity. It is a transformation, a regeneration into being truly human—life living its greatest potential, its grandeur. It is time to step into our maturity. To face life, to see with eyes of honest truth and to hold what we see with fierce generosity. And to understand how to reside in harmonic arrangement to it all.

At the core, my work with both personal and corporate clients is truth, curiosity, compassion and a sense of unity beyond conceptualisation. In my approach, healing of the self, other and the greater happens, but this is not a therapeutic practice. I see it more as learning how to live, expanding upon our traditional beginnings. I am here to catalyse expansion and to hold a space from which to explore actualizing the yet manifest.

Some say I work like a shaman, others see a diplomatic renegade, and still more see fluid chaos, though we all agree my work is infused by an uninhibited love for venturing to the endless edges of what it means to be alive, wholeheartedly a wholesystems venture.


Private Individual Sessions

Couple & Family Sessions

Daily Practice Design & Guidance

Movement, Meditation, Inquiry Sessions & Groups


Wholesystems Management Advisory

Integrative Design & Transformation

Sustainable Process & Product Actualization