Personal Sessions

I provide private sessions for individuals, couples, and families. My approach has the freedom to fluidly adapt to my clients’ needs, as a facilitator, advisor, mentor, coach, healer and teacher. There is rhythmic depth and meaning within the dynamism of my approach. Not bound to any particular discipline yet with roots that recognize the many great learnings, my approach utilizes the psycho-dynamic process, integral philosophy, intuitive energetics, body release work, as well as a marriage of ancient and contemporary knowledge and healing systems.

At present time I hold private session online. The design of the private sessions will be unique to each person and situation, evolving over time to match your individual circumstances. If you feel you are unable to afford the full session fee at this time, please send me a message; I am happy to discuss options.

I also offer a free 30 minute initial consultation to get a better idea of working together and to sense into the decision of pursuing personal sessions with me. Message me and indicate your interest in a free exploratory session and I look forward to becoming acquainted and answering any further questions you may have.

Schedule your personal session

Session duration……………..75 minutes

Individual session fee………..$145

Couples session fee…………..$165

Package of 5 sessions………..10% discount

In addition to my regular sessions, I also offer a session add-on where I integrate astrological aspects into the work we do together. You can choose to do it once or you can have it be part of each session. I have found that within my own personal work that my knowledge and recognition of planetary aspects, both at the time of birth and currently happening transits have exploded the love that resides in my heart, inextricably impacting how I relate to myself, the other and the world at large. It is with such wonder and love that I offer to those who also feel the pull to discover what this may bring for them.

Astrological add-on session……$40 added to the fee of a regular session

The ultimate aim of my practice is to enable my client’s self-attunement to the knower within by providing a supportive holding space and expanded understanding. One of my core life aspirations I adopted from my childhood idol, Jane Goodall; her hope was to one day work herself out of a job. That is the drive behind my work as well, to aspire to the day where no one requires the facilitation of an outer guide, but until that day comes, I am here full heartedly to work.