Classes, Groups & Individual

Schedule of classes: I am currently not offering group classes, but please feel free to contact me if you are interested in private classes. Together we can design a practice around mediation, yoga and subtle energetics and inquiry.


I practice a form of movement combining kundalini, qigong, and myofacial release yoga. The roots of the practice are in body energetic. Essentially, the form of movement I do aims to cultivate a felt sense connection to one’s body. That connection in itself is profound and divine. With continued practice a sense of non-separateness or merging with the energy beyond the physical structure can organically develop, which is just another way available to us to connect and experience life. It might all sound a bit esoteric and supernatural but over the years I have found that so much that once carried a sense of mysticism is just normal and completely based in this reality of living life. One of the more profound learnings that I have come in contact with over the years is that,

It’s all just everyday normal stuff. We just have not been taught that way. It is simply a technology of consciousness that we have not yet understood.

What I love most about practicing this form of movement is how it compliments my inner explorations, understandings and inquiry work. It is easy to get caught up in the mental aspect of understanding, and though the mind has incredible abilities it has its limitations. To recognize and value the abilities of the body to understand and process knowledge has been for me like bringing dreamland down to Earth. And it’s all real.


I have found in my own life that having time for quieting the physical activity and just residing in myself with awareness and centering concentration is an invaluable companion to my other practices. That said, it was over 20 years ago when I acknowledged that meditation would be a good thing for me. I had an insatiable mind that was ravenous. And yet it was 17 years after that in which I actually embraced the practice and fell in love. There is a time and place for all these practices, some fit and some do not. Some fit now and others later. Meditation is one of the more challenging practices, often because people feel they should do it and because the practice of mediation is often understood incompletely. There are several types of meditation, all of which have their beauty. In my meditation classes I am fluid with various methods and therefore I am able to respond to the needs of the group. However, one of my main meditations I call Jaii meditation. I tend to do it every time I meditate, at least for part of the time. Jaii mediation stands for Just As It Is. It is a time for absolutely everything to take on a lightness, even the practice of meditation. It is just about sitting. Letting whatever comes come. Letting yourself get caught up in your thoughts. Letting everything just be as it is. For me, it is really the heart of all meditation. The practice of just letting things be as they are.


Inquiry engages the mind but this does not mean thinking. It is a skill learned over time as one opens up and lets go, abiding in the present moment. It is a beautiful practice of connecting to oneself and one’s truth. It is based on awareness and curiosity. The process of inquiry leads us places that have been hidden from our view. It has the power to reveal and loosen the shell  we walk around in everyday, bringing us closer to living our true self. By its very nature, inquiry is a deep dive into the unknown, which is by no means a Sunday stroll, at least not initially. It can bring to the surface things we have either consciously or unconsciously been kept at bay for a lifetime. This process takes courage, compassion and curiosity. As part of the inquiry groups I organize, a great deal of care is taken to bring awareness into the process and to cultivate the qualities needed to take the journey, enabling the magnificence and beauty of this process to unfold.

Developmental Philosophy 

To be human can be experienced in pain and in joy, but to experience, to be in this human form experiencing is infused with the mystery of development. What is it to be human? The truth is the one you experience, but the maps are a way to understand, decipher, and digest the nutrients of aliveness. I study various maps as I navigate the world, navigate living in this world. From human development theory of psychology, evolutionary astrology, to the chakra system and beyond. I find the study of such maps a doorway into a greater connection, into a deeper understanding and into an aliveness fused with love, attunement and repose. Through group and individual engagement I educate on the developmental maps, presenting a lense which can open you to discovering the guidance that resonates with you—providing direction to ultimately look up from the map and experience the nowness of wherever it is you find yourself to be, with resonance, meaning and heart.

“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” ― Socrates