Bio in brief

Jennifer lives for life and along the way life lives thru her. As an adventurer, researcher, teacher, writer, healer and devotee of humanity, she can be anywhere and in-between. She is the founder and Managing Director of Repose, serving as a platform from which she works with individuals and organizations in a regenerative whole-systems approach to improve livelihoods and the world in which we live. In complimentary wholesystems fashion, she is as well a Senior Energy Specialist, advising on energy access throughout the developing world.  She can be found on any given day, on which ever continent she finds herself, celebrating its cliffs and mountains with chalk on hand and toes crimped. And if she were asked to say one word that describes her the most, she would remain in silence. Her compassion for humanity is vast. Her zest for life is untamed. And her love goes beyond words. And yes, she wrote this.