I started this venture at a time in my life where my practice and experiment was to loosen my incessant grip over my life’s unfoldment. It is an ongoing practice to trust, to let go, to reside in harmony with life. And a further challenge to trust in something that is not there in the traditional conceptual sense. I gently acknowledged the fear of letting go, of not knowing, of not figuring it out. I wait. Wait for what? I really have no idea, but I have developed my practice enough to settle into this confusion, this anxiety, this experience and just live alongside it with awareness, curiosity and awe inspired appreciation…and the occasional freak out. And it’s in this place of authentic truth, in the joy, the heart wrenching conflict, the nausea and the laughter where I have tasted the crumbs of what I seek—it is where true life happens.

In my approach, healing happens, but this is not a therapeutic practice. I see it more as learning how to live, expanding upon the traditional born-mature-die scenario. It often begins as a recognition or longing that what is here is not enough. Though, being enough or not enough eventually gives ways to what sustains the process in the long-term, truth—and in time—a love for this truth. Truth of where one is. Present in honesty to the right now.

It begins in truth. It ends in truth. And all throughout the process—all the shit—is truth. I find it’s a practice of holy shit.

Learning how to be with the moment that is happening now. To be honest with oneself and where one is in life. To open. To trust. To be curious. For millennia this practice has been acknowledged as the most simple, most difficult, and yet most enlightening practice to bring into one’s life. And highly valid as well, even to the logical mind. How irrational is it to attempt to change where you are and aspire to get to a better place when in fact you do not even know where you are standing now. It’s insanity actually, comically so, that we so often don’t want to be where we are and put our focus on getting from A to B. But if you look at a map and you see point B, but have not yet understood where you are now, how does that work?…it doesn’t.

I am sure you have plenty of resources to illuminate what point B is and where point B is. Knowing point B and the way there is not in my interest, it is not how I practice and it is not the method of my work. I teach how to see point A. To know point A. To be fully present at point A.

To allow and welcome oneself to be present and honest to how things are now is self-recognized as self love, self-attunement. This attunement to ones truth is an unconscious longing that gets distorted without awareness and understanding and appears in many forms that take on the expression of anger, sadness, irritation, frustration, disappointment and so on. Whatever one’s life looks like, from depression to joy, from hatred to love, and anything else in between, it is all equal. Equal in the sense that they all are in the right to be here, all are within the potential experience of being human, all are truth. My approach is to enable you to face your life. To embrace the face of your life. As one opens to truth and takes an honest look at one’s life right in this moment, self-attunement begins to sprout, and the magic—which is actually a natural abiding law—is that along the way where you are starts to look a lot like where you want to be. It’s the law-abiding magic of (what I call) karmic honesty.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” — Nikola Tesla

To abide in honest truth of one’s reality is the work, hard work. If you are looking for a quick fix or to transcend your problems, you have plenty of resources elsewhere. My approach is often found by those in which traditional methods of therapy have felt incomplete. In fact, my personal practice was ignited many years ago as a result of my own experience with the limitations of traditional therapy. As direct as these words may sound, my approach is built upon a foundation of love, understanding and compassion. I am here to hold a space, a place where my clients feel held, held in trust, held in comfort. A space to safely explore what has not yet been faced.

It is a journey. There is pain, there is delight. There may even be delighting in the pain…but that is not a prerequisite. Essential in my teaching is that there is no place to go, no place to get to. That enables one to truly settle and to get to know where one is now. There is nothing one needs to become, no place one needs to be. It is beyond imagination, beyond the egoic mind’s capacity to understand that being truly in the present moment with what ever experience may be there—pain, sorrow, fatigue, joy, ambivalence—is the fullness of life that we all long for. The ultimate love affair. But I will repeat, it is a journey. And one that I find does not have an end. Though it does have a middle, and within my own practice it turns out that there is no where else I’d rather be.

“If the universe is really completely self-contained, having no boundary or edge, it would have neither beginning nor end: it would simply be.” — Stephen Hawking