Organization Advisory

As a consultant I engage with companies, corporate clients, as well as organizations and institutions which advance research & regenerative approaches across a broad spectrum of sectors. I have worked in the field of renewable and regenerative practices for over 15 years, specializing in bridging the gap between ecological health and vitality and human livelihoods.

I provide services that bring companies and institutions to the frontier of unfoldment—and to a frontier of unfoldment that is inseparable from true love and understanding of humanity. To be a leader in the world requires new strategies, new thinking, and above all a new whole-systems approach. While there are countless strategic consultancy services available, those whom which are my clients are bold and courageous—with a willful intelligence to question and a pure heart to perceive the truth. My clients venture beyond the disconnected view of reality and infuse intellect with heart, knowing the unified inseparability of the world.

The approach I take with organizations differs to that from the approach I take in my personal sessions, but in fact there is also much overlap. My clients have an interest to conduct their objective within an optimizing structure of unfoldment. This does not begin at the level of the collective entity. Even more fundamental are the individuals that make up the collective. With my clients I synchronize the growth of individuals and the growth of the organization.

I marry the science of horizontal knowledge with the essential nature of vertical knowledge.

This results in a design strategy with longterm depth, adaptability and fortitude. Though nothing is predetermined in absolute, there is a law-abiding unfoldment that is intrinsic to everything the world experiences. My approach is not to naively proclaim control over this unfoldment, but to infuse intelligence into the synchronization and harmonization between the world’s services and the world.

My clients expect just as much from me as I do them. I require a collective heart, mind and spirit. It is only with sincerity, robust curiosity, trust, and yet healthy critique and transparency, that our efforts will cradle the magnanimous.

My client services begin with a 2-part introductory consult to ensure its a match on both sides: 1) An initial face-to-face call with directing management, followed by an, 2) In-person half-day workshop with the core members of staff intending to partake in the advisory program. Upon agreement, I will proceed with my extended advisory service. I offer a dynamic process to contracting my services which is aligned specifically to each client.

If you are interested, please contact me and I can provide you a map of my principal 8-month delivery model and a quote for service tailored to your outlook specifics.

“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.” ― Aldous Huxley