Next generation therapy, now.

A space to reconnect. The support to heal. A chance, a choice for maturation into life’s full-bodiedness. Open the heart. Beyond the mind. Let the soul out. Unravel and relish in the mysteries of consciousness. Unifying our disconnect. All the while healing the wounds of self, other and the world.

The Work

Where life is not lived in compartments. Where the world is not made of us and other but of a togetherness. It is a transformation, a regeneration into being truly human—life living its greatest potential, its grandeur. It is time to step into our maturity. To face life, to see with eyes of honest truth and to hold what we see with fierce generosity. And to understand how to reside in harmonic arrangement to it all.

At the core, my work with individuals, couples and groups is truth, curiosity, compassion and a sense of presence beyond conceptualization. In my approach, healing of the self, other and the greater happens, but this is not a classic therapeutic practice. I see it more as learning how to live, expanding upon our traditional beginnings; learning the language of life many of us were never taught. I am here to catalyze expansion and to hold a space from which to explore actualizing the mystery. Being the painter. Being the painted.

I do not hold back, I call it as it is. I cut to the core and from that deep often vulnerable and pain filled space, that is where together we find the opening for new growth, for a new truth, for real transformation. Some say I work intuitively, others see a therapeutic magician of sorts, though all agree that my work is infused by an uninhibited love for venturing to the endless edges of what it means to be alive, a wholehearted venture into becoming this too.


Jenny lives for life and along the way life lives thru her. As an adventurer, researcher, teacher, writer, healer and devotee of humanity, she can be anywhere and in-between. She has found herself amidst this unfolding venture, serving as a platform from which she works with individuals and the collective in a regenerative approach to champion livelihoods and the world in which we live.

In her own life, she applies her practice, expanding her connection, understanding and relationship to the world both inwardly and out. She has decades of work devoted to her practice, intellectualizing, embodying and touching realms where belief may have limits but experience knows no boundaries. In addition to facilitating client transformations, she has been advising on renewable energy access projects throughout the developing world as an Energy Specialist for over 15 years.  

She can be found on any given day, on which ever continent she finds herself, celebrating nature’s space, from its seas to mountains. And if she were asked to say one word that describes her the most, she would remain in silence. Her compassion for humanity is vast. Her zest for life is untamed. And her love goes beyond words. And yes, she wrote this.

It’s the experience of the experience

All said, do not adopt any of what I say as your truth. We each have our own truth and it cannot be taught to you by someone else. My words may resonate and trigger something within you, and by all means such cues, in there own way, are truth as well. But please, do not take my words and shape your life around it. What I present to you is not content to live by. It’s merely one of infinite truths. Though if you take something away, consider this, it’s not the experience but rather the experience of the experience. The experience of experiencing one’s life, one’s truth.

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